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Electronic equipment for elevators



We supply comprehensive range of elevator accessories, to fulfill the requirements of elevator or car group dispatching, car signaling and hall signaling:

  • Seven segment position indicators
  • DOT matrix position indicators
  • Graphic position indicators
  • Landing lantern
  • Voice annunciator
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optic or magnetic position sensors.

Position indicators

LCD indicators
Resolution 128 x 64 dots 320 x 240 dots
Colors Mono, white over blue Color
Screen size 3,5" (width 72 mm x height 40 mm) 5.7" (width 117 mm x height 89 mm)
Input signal 3H 3H

DOT matrix position indicators
Nr. of matrices 2 3 2 3
Matrix size (DOTs) 8x5 8x5 7x5 7x5
Matrix height (mm) 37 37 50 50
Color Blue o red Blue or red Red Red
Gong No Optional Optional Optional
Input signal Serial or 3H Serial or 3H Serial or 3H Serial or 3H

Seven segment position indicators
I7S14 I7S20 I7S25 I7S38
Nr. of digits 2 2 2 2
Digit height (mm) 14 20 25 38
Colors Red Red Red Red
Input signal 3H 3H 3H 3H

Voice annunciator

The AV51VS voice annunciator delivers an audible voice recording that gives position, door, status or alarm information. AV51VS input signal can be 3H, serial, or seven digital inputs. It optionally plays MP3 background music between messages. Parameter configuration is done through simple and friendly PC software, including message volume, background music volume and digital input processing mode. An output enables a relay to connect external audio when messages are not delivered.

AV51VS features MP3 or WAV audio recordings stored on standard FAT32 SD memory cards.

Position sensors

We supply magnetic SPM and infrared SOD position sensors. Both sensors feature 0VDC or 24VDC outputs compatible with our elevator controllers.

Communication interfaces

We supply several serial communication protocol converters.

Elevator controller specific serial converters
Interface 1 Interface 2 Isolated Typical use
Type Protocol Type Protocol
CPTTL/BOR FLAT TTL(0/5V) Terminal block TTL(0/5V) No CEA36 duplex communication
CPTTL/422 FLAT TTL(0/5V) Terminal block RS422 No Controller to remote monitoring software communication; controller to graphic display communication
CPTTL/485 FLAT TTL(0/5V) Terminal block RS485 No Controller to COD51 communication
CPTTL/PC-C FLAT TTL(0/5V) DB9 RS232 Yes Controller to PC communication
ACP36 FLAT TTL(0/5V) DB9 RS232 Yes Controller to PC communication; CEA36 firmware upgrade

Generic communication interfaces
Interface 1 Interface 2 Isolated
Type Protocol Type Protocol
ACCTTL/232-DIN Terminal block TTL(0/5V) DB9 RS232 Yes
CNTTL/422-485 Terminal block TTL(0/5V) Terminal block RS422/485 Yes
CN232/422-485 DB9 RS232 Terminal block RS422/485 Yes

Miscellaneous accessories

We also supply miscellaneous elevator controller accessories including:

  • Auxiliary controller input boards
  • Auxiliary controller output boards
  • Auxiliary relay boards, to be driven from open collector controller outputs
  • Reflection or transmission door optical barriers
  • Arc extinguisher board
  • Power supplies and transformers for elevator controllers and accessories
  • Phase Loss and Phase Order Relay.
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