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Electronic equipment for elevators

Elevator controllers

Our most popular elevator controls CEA51FB, CEA36 and CEA15 offer a flexible and cost-effective solution ideally suited to new buildings and modernizations, with a broad application range:

  • Up to 40-landing buildings
  • Stand alone cars, duplex car systems, up to 6 car groups
  • Simple automatic, collective non selective, collective down selective and collective full selective
  • Manual or automatic door, with/without retiring cam
  • Single, dual or dual selective access
  • Parking landings
  • Re-leveling
  • 1 or 2 velocity AC motor, VV, VVVF, hydraulic systems
  • Car speed up to 3 m/s
  • Several car position detection systems
  • Inspection service, independent service, fire service (emergency service) and attendant service
  • Position indicator, landing lantern and gong, and voice annunciator signaling
  • PC remote monitoring
  • Password (access code) protected.

Our controllers include hundreds of configurable parameters to fit the specific building features. Controller configuration is done through simple and friendly PC software, and may optionally be password protected. Read more.


The CEA51FB controller with an EXP51FB expansion board can manage up to 32 landings colective full selective (40 in car group configuration) with dedicated call inputs.

The CEA36 controller can manage up to 24 landings colective full selective with multiplexed hall and car calls, or up to 20 landings colective full selective with serial communication call board.

The CEA15 controller can manage up to 4 landings colective full selective with dedicated call inputs.

Read more details.

Car groups

Two CEA51FB controllers linked by optical fiber or two CEA36 controllers linked by serial communication implement a duplex system. One controller is the "master controller" and the other is the "slave controller". The duplex system dispatch is managed by the master controller.

Up to 6 CEA51FB controllers linked by optical fiber to a COO51FA supervisor unit can manage a car group of up to 6 cars. The car group dispatch is managed by the COO51FA unit. System calls shall be input through a CEA51FB controller configured as "Hall Calls Input Controller" or through each car-group controller.


Configurable parameters include:

  • Parking landings
  • Access blocking
  • System dispatch: Simple automatic, collective non selective, collective down selective or collective full selective
  • Controller input/output terminal configuration (i.e. wiring)
  • Function for each output relay
  • System status information
  • Car position detection system.

Built in diagnostics

Our controllers feature several troubleshooting means, including event recording to non-volatile medium and LED indications for all I/O's.

Remote monitoring

We optionally supply PC software for remote monitoring of our controllers. The software monitors movement, traffic flow, and alarms of a stand alone car or a car group, by a simple and friendly interface that mimics the building.

Controller selection table

Relays 18 10 6 6
Output with relay function 4 4 10 -
Collective full selective landings Dedicated 32 16 9 4
Multiplexed - - 24 -
Serial - - 20 -
Collective down selective landings Dedicated 40 24 12 5
Multiplexed - - 24 -
Serial - - 20 -
Simple automatic and collective non selective landings Dedicated 40 40 24 8
Multiplexed - - 24 -
Serial - - 20 -
Dual access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Selective dual access Yes Yes No No
Car groups 6 6 2 1
Maximum car speed (m/s) 3 3 1,5 1,5
Releveling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inspection service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Independent service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fire service (emergency service)) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attendant service Yes Yes No No
Onboard 7 segment display No No Yes Yes
3H serial output to position indicators, landing lantern and voice annunciator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote monitoring Yes Yes No No
Selector system by perforated steel tape or by motor encoder (COD51) Yes Yes No No
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