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Electronic equipment for elevators

PC Software

Controller configuration

Our controllers include hundreds of configurable parameters to fit the specific building features. Controller configuration is done through simple and friendly PC software running on Windows 2000 or later. Download configuration software installers here.

To install the configuration software for a specific controller, double clic the installer (Ins*.exe) and follow the instructions.

Configuration software features:

  • Set up controller configuration for the stand alone controller or for the controllers of a car group
  • Upload controller configuration
  • Download controller configuration
  • Read controller events
  • Read controller firmware version
  • Print out controller's label, with controller input/output terminal configuration.

As a rule, configuration include door operating mode, input/output terminal configuration, relay configuration and timings for the individual controllers, dispatching mode parameters and several building parameters.

Configuration software to controller communication is serial. Excepting for COO51FA, PC to controller communication is done by a CPTTL/PC-C cable. CPTTL/PC-C's flat connector end plugs into controller's TTL port, while CPTTL/PC-C's DB9 end plugs into a PC serial port (possibly by a DB9 extension cable). If the PC does not have a serial port, a USB to serial cable can be used.

COO51FA group controller configuration es done by a DB9 extension cable (terminals 2, 3 and 5).

The controller to be configured must be fed at rated voltage. No further connection is needed, excepting for the communication connection. In case the controller is installed and working in a control panel, please note that it will be restarted after configuration upload.

Remote monitoring software

Remote monitoring PC-software enables control and monitoring of a stand alone elevator, a duplex system or a COO51FA controlled car group of up to 6 elevators. The software runs on Windows 2000 or later.

Remote monitoring software installation is done in two steps:

  • First: general operating module installation, by means of insssa.exe installer software, which can be downloaded here. Double clic Insssa.exe and follow instructions
  • Second: custom module installation. The installer software for this module shall be requested to Controles S.A.

Remote PC monitoring software features:

  • Elevator status and position monitoring by a simple and friendly interface that mimics the building
  • Call enabling/disabling, individual car enabling/disabling, independent service enabling, dispatching mode setting
  • Sending a car to a landing
  • Remotely force retry upon failure, i.e. upon door closing failure
  • View and print reports of events (failures, status changes, system restart, etc.) and traffic parameter counters (calls per car and calls per hall, total activity time, total failure time, mean and maximum dispatching delay)
  • Automatic system configuration loading, suited to different traffic conditions during the day or week, or to emergency situations.

Depending on the application, the monitoring software communicates to the stand alone controller, the duplex-system master controller, or the car group COO51FA controller. The communication is serial. The communication line that communicates to the PC plugs either into the CEA51FB controller TTL port, into the expansion board EXP51FA serial port or into the COO51FA group controller RS485 port.

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