Train Automation

SETREN System Presentation
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Train detection, DETREN
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Cross-train logic, LODEC
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Train detection , DETREN

  • Function: in charge of train detection and sending the signal to the cross-train logic, LODEC.
  • Indications:
    Red LED on, indicates equipment detecting steel.
    Green LED on, indicates equipment non-detecting steel.
  • Outputs: NPN open collector
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc nominal, minimum 10 Vdc, maximum 14.4 Vdc

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detector de tren

Cross-train logic , LODEC

  • Function: commanding the railroad crossing flasher using the signals of the train detectors, model DETREN.
  • Inputs: 3 DETREN inputs
  • Outputs: 1 relay contacts NO, C, NC (rated 5 A @ 12 Vdc)

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