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EEG monitor for anaesthesia and sedation


EEG Monitor for automatic measuring of depth of anaesthesia, intended for use in operating rooms, intensive care units and research.

Sedative and anaesthetic drugs affect brain activity which can be recorded by electroencephalogram (EEG). Their effect on brain activity is commonly referred as "anaesthetic depth", "hypnosis level", "narcosis level" or "level of consciousness", and can be measured through EEG-pattern analysis.

A new automatic anaesthetic depth measure based on EEG has been developed. This measure, which is referred as NINDEX®, adds on clinical monitoring of the anesthesiologist allowing optimum anesthetic drug delivery for benefit of the patient and the Hospital.

Extremely low operating cost
Standard ECG electrodes can be used
Prevention of potentially hazardous situations
Prevention of unintended intra-operative awareness and too deep anaesthesia
Bluetooth Equipment
Does away with annoying cable from the operating table to the anesthesic machine
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