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EEG monitor for anaesthesia and sedation

NINDEX monitor: frequently asked questions

What is a NINDEX monitor?

NINDEX monitor is an EEG monitor for automatic measuring of depth of anaesthesia, intended for use in operating rooms, intensive care units and research.

NINDEX monitor main information is the NINDEX number. NINDEX number comes up from a multivariate statistical algorithm applied to the EEG. It is correlated with the anaesthetic depth in such a way that NINDEX = 99 indicates an awake subject and NINDEX = 0 indicates no EEG activity. NINDEX gradually descends with increasing anaesthetic depth. In this way, the anesthesiologist gets real time anaesthetic depth information without any special knowledge of the EEG.

In order to output reliable data, NINDEX includes several artifact detection algorithms and automatic electrode to skin impedance measurement.

Why is NINDEX monitor useful?

In today's clinical practice, the routine general anesthesia does not include the monitoring of the brain, that is, the main target structure of the anaesthetic drugs. Changes on Nervous System activity in patients are measured through indirect signals from the Autonomic Nervous System, mainly cardiovascular parameters and motor responses. These signals may fail to reliably monitor the depth of anaesthesia.

NINDEX monitor adds a direct measurement of brain activity by the anesthesiologist. The use of an anaesthesia depth monitor significantly reduce risk of unintended intra-operative awareness and also of too deep anaesthesia levels that could be potentially hazardous to the patient. It also has been shown that use of EEG monitors is associated with significant savings in anaesthetic drugs.

Why is NINDEX monitor the best choise among anaesthetic depth monitors?

NINDEX monitor is the only anaesthesia depth monitor developed and manufactured in Latin America. For several reasons it's the best anaesthetic depth monitor choise in Latin America countries:

  • NINDEX monitor was developed taking into account Latin America market economic limitations: standard ECG electrodes can be used which cost much less than USD 1, while other depth of anaesthesia monitors require the use of expensive proprietary single-use EEG electrodes which cost more than USD 20. Read more
  • NINDEX list price is less than other monitors list price
  • Conceptually, no electronic equipment is better than it's technical support. NINDEX monitor's tech support is done directly by the manufacturer and the developing team
  • The learning curve to use an anaesthesia depth monitor is more than 15 cases. A technical team leadered by Dr. D. Cibils assists the anesthesiologist in learning how to use NINDEX.

Does NINDEX monitor have sale approval by Health Authorities?

Yes. NINDEX monitor is approved by MSP of Uruguay.

Where is NINDEX monitor installed?

NINDEX monitor is commercially available since 2008. It's installed in several operating rooms in Uruguay.

How extensively validated is NINDEX technology?

Current NINDEX algorithm is a mature technology. It has been extensively validated by use in several thousands surgeries since 2008, including day surgeries, cardiac surgeries, orthopedic surgeries and neurosurgeries.

Who developed the NINDEX monitor?

NINDEX monitor was developed by Controles S.A. ( and Dr. Daniel Cibils.

Dr. D. Cibils is Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology, with more than 20 years of experience in clinical EEG-monitoring.

Who is the NINDEX monitor manufacturer?

NINDEX monitor is manufactured by Controles S.A. according to ISO standards.

What kind of ECG electrodes have been succesfully used with NINDEX monitor?

NINDEX monitor has been succesfully used with SWAROMED and MEDITRACE silver-silver chloride electrodes. There is widespread availability of both electrodes on the Uruguayan market

Does NINDEX technology allow for data analysis after recording?

Yes. NINDEX monitor records specific custom event marks inserted by the user, historical trend data and raw EEG data on non-volatile storage medium. Recorded data can be downloaded to a Pendrive. Windows 2000/XP PC software NINDEXMN displays recorded event marks and historical trend data in printable format.

Controles S.A. y Dr. D. Cibils