CONTROLES S.A. was founded on April 1973, in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the name GMS. Its original purpose was creating electronic equipment for the industry.
From 1973 to 1979
Development from a workshop into a small factory
Employees: 15
New products:
Telex central with electronic commutation.
Electronic elevator automatism.
Solid state power supplies .
Electronic automatism for thermometry.
Boiler control with redundant logic.
Level control by electrodes.
Electronic timer.
From 1980 to1985
Growth of the factory.
Employees: 30.
New products:
Trifasic electronic battery charger with electronic regulation.
Board of the 'Estadio Centenario' of Montevideo.
First elevator automatism by microprocessor.
Currency indicator panels.
Indoor digital clocks.
Coordinated public callers.
Sport score boards.
The second generation of Telex central.
Telex system overcame 3500 lines.
The elevator automatism started to be exported.
From 1986 - 1993
Development into a stock company with the name Controles S.A..
A new local for offices and electronic laboratories was built.
Employees: 40
New products:
Batteries charger by microprocessor.
URUPAC dial-up data network.
Sinusoidal UPS.
Telecontrol system for electric facilities.
7 segments LED's callers.
PC software for automatism.
Group controlled elevator.
Programmable temperature controller.
Montevideo's vial clocks.
From 1994 to 2000
Increase of elevator automatism exportation specialy to Argentina.
Reorganization of the company in 'Product divisions'.
The first website was created.
A Quality System was implemented.
Employees: 45
New products:

Solid state voice annunciator.
Commuted energy plants for telephonic centrals.
RTU for electrical rural distribution.
Redundant DC/AC inverter with synchronous commutation to network.
PC controlled public caller board network.
Parking automation.
Board system for roulettes.
New models of elevator controllers.
User configurable elevator controller.


Installation of 3 SCADA systems and 10 RTU.
Second generation of SCADA and RTU.
The remote telecontrol units overcame the 40 units.
ISO 9002:1994 certification on December 1999.
ISO 9001:1994 certification on December 2000.

The factory was reorganized and modernized.

The new electronic and programation laboratories were built


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